Fluidized bed processes (batch and continuous)

Pilot-plant-scale vibrated fluidized bed dryer

Test plant for investigation of influence of process parameters, especially vibration, on fluidization characteristics and drying kinetics of powderd materials.

Multiple process parameters can be varied in order to conduct comprehensive experimental investigations. Variable parameters are the inlet air conditions and flow rate, external vibration of the plant, as well as bed mass and material.

Comprehensive measurement equipment is installed to monitor the process. Visual observation is also possible since on wall of the drying chamber is made of glass . Batch and continuous processes are investigated in this plant.

Spouted bed apparatus with adjustable geometry

A transparent apparatus for investigations of the flow behaviour in dependence on apparatus geometry, as well as process and material parameters.

Adjustable apparatus dimensions: Inlet size, prismatic angle, freeboard width, apparatus depth.

Horizontal Fluidized Bed Procell Pilot System GF 25

Pilot system for process development and process optimization in continuous operation. This modular apparatus is either applicable as fluidized bed or as spouted bed and is suitable for several processes like spray granulation, agglomeration, coating, encapsulation and drying.

Spouted bed for fine and light particles

Apparatus for granulation of fine particles till 20 µm with high and low density. It is also possible to coat coarser particle in µm-Range with nanoparticles suspended in solution, which is spraying in with a nozzle.

Fluidized and spouted bed for fine particles

In the apparatus fine particles can be coated. For the coating different polymers can be used. Polymer is sprayed-in as a solution via nozzles. Two different nozzles can be chosen to generate fine droplets for the coating, a two-fluid and an ultrasonic nozzle. As process gas, for fluidization and for the nozzles, nitrogen is used. Thus the explosive atmosphere is avoided and dangerous solvents, which are needed for performance polymers, can be used. The solvent is liquefied in a condenser after evaporation in the plant and pollution by the solvent is avoided.

Rotor granulator

Rotor granulator represents a combination of a spheronization device and a fluidized bed. The rotor granulation process is an important application for the production of granules with a high strength, smooth surface and a high sphericity.

Combi-Coater, Niro Aeromatic

Lab scale fluid bed dryer/coater/granulator designed for: film coating of pellets; coating of particles larger than 200 microns (pellets, granules, crystals); drying of granules, powder etc.

Lab-scale fluidized bed for firing, gasification and reactivity measurements

The investigation of the reactivity and the chemical reactions in high temperature atmospheres can be carried. Samples can be placed inside the reactor and be fluidized by a variety of gases. In addition to that, additional bed material can be inserted during operation.

System of interconnected fluidized bed reactors (CLC)

A system of interconnected fluidized bed reactors is for example used in the Fluid Catalytic Cracking process or Chemical Looping Combustion. Solid material (catalyst or oxygen carrier) is circulated between two reactors, in one being converted and then regenerated in the other.

LabSystem GF 3/Pro Cell 5 (Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH)

Testing and optimization of fluid bed or spouted bed processes in laboratory scale (single kg-scale). System can be used for spray granulation, agglomeration, coating, encapsulation or powder layering.

Circulating fluidized bed biomass pyrolysis plant

Used for pyrolysis, gasification and combustion of organic materials. Material is fed pneumatically into the reactor where it is converted by high temperature in inert or oxidizing conditions. Behind the reactor a scrubber can be operated to quench secondary reactions from oil to gas and separate a possible liquid product from the gas. Side stream samples can be taken to analyze the produced tars. Online gas analyzers measure the gas composition such as O2, CO, CO2carbon hydrates and others.

Reactor dimensions:

  • Riser: Height 2 m, Diameter 0.08 m
  • Operating Temperature: up to 950°C