Particle strength measurements (compression, impact and attrition)

Hot press, PWV 300, Paul Otto Weber GmbH

•   Tablet or pellet production
•   Cold compaction
•   Warm compaction
•   Force up to 3000 kN
•   Tablet diameter 10-40 mm

Collision tester

Measurement of the coefficient of restitution for solid particles impacting on dry or wet surfaces: collision velocity: 0.2 – 2 m/s; layer thicknesses: 0 – 900 µm; collision angle: 0 – 90°.

Texture Analyser TA.XTPlus, Stable Microsystems

•    Analysis of breakage mechanisms at quasistatic loading
•    Characterization of strength of powders and granular materials by mechanical stressing
•    Characterization of adhesion strength of granular materials and powder flowability

Pneumatic air gun

•    Analysis of breakage mechanisms at dynamic loading
•    Characterization of impact and attrition strength of products by mechanical stressing
•    Optimization of the existing granulation processes to increase the mechanical stability
•    Minimization of the breakage and attrition as essential requirements for transport and handling