Particle Size Analysing Devices at SPE

Camsizer XT, Retsch

Dynamic image analysis according to ISO 13322-2.

Measurement range:

  • Gravity Dispersion: 10 μm - 3 mm
  • Air Pressure Dispersion: 1 μm - 1,5 mm
  • Wet Dispersion: 1 µm - 600 µm

Air Jet Sieve Alpine A200, Hosokawa Alpine

Measurement range: 20 μm – 4 mm

LS 13 320 Laser Diffraction, Beckmann Coulter

Laser diffraction/light scattering using Fraunhofer or Mie theory, according to ISO 13220 and Polarization Intensity Differential Scattering (PIDS) technology for submicron identification.

Measurement range:

• 0.4 – 2000 μm (mixture of materials)

• 0.04 – 2000 μm (pure materials with known refractive index)

SediGraph III PLUS, Micromeritics

Sedimentation technique in a liquid with known properties is used. Particles are dispersed either in an aqueous or in an organic solvent. The measuring principle is based on X-Ray absorption.

Measurement range: 0.1 – 300 µm

Parsum-Probe IPP 70-S, Parsum

The inline particle sizing probe utilizes the measurement principle of Spatial Filter Velocimetry. This technique uses a number-based, chord length sizing method in order to deliver particle size and velocity distributions of a certain particle buffer. 

Measurements range: 

  • Particle Size: 500-6000 µm
  • Particle Velocity: 0.01-50 m/s