Ultimate strength of window structures in areas relevant for damage stability and safety

Field of Research:
Load Carrying Behaviour, Ship Structural Design

01.01.2012 – 31.12.2014

Project Leader (Subproject): 
Prof. Dr.-Ing. W. Fricke

Project members:
Bjarne Wiegard, M Guiard

Funded by:
Forschungs- und Wissenschaftsstiftung Hamburg

In this subproject of the project “Maritime Safety Aspects Regarding Installation and Maintenance of Offshore Wind Turbines” the ultimate strength of windows in ships will be investigated and the strength of laminated glass will be analysed. Recently, several relatively large windows have been arranged in ship hulls and superstructures. In order to ensure sufficient damage stability, it is important that windows do not fail under the static and dynamic loads occurring during an accident. These problems are also relevant for offshore service vessels operating in harsh marine environments. Lower bound estimates for window panes and laminated windows are known; however, failure criteria for such windows have not been precisely defined. The surrounding structure and possible pre-damages can influence the ultimate strength and the failure behaviour considerably. In this project, a method shall be developed to assess the failure probability of window structures subjected to high hydrostatic and hydrodynamic loads which will be verified by experiments.


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