Collision resistance of container ships with LNG membrane tanks

Project partners:
Gastransport & Technigaz (GTT), DNVGL Hamburg

Project members: Annika WolterSören Ehlers

Project Outline:
The Membrane Cargo Containment System Mark III, developed by GTT, is the leading technology for the transportation of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Using this tank technology for LNG as fuel in merchant ships contributes to meet the more stringent environmental regulations of emission controlled areas. In merchant shipping however, the risk of collision due to dense traffic routes can not be neglected. In order to assess the consequences of such a collision the crashworthiness of the LNG membrane tank has to be understood. The deformation capacity of the membrane tank is determined experimentally during this project. Moreover, numerical analyses are carried out to develop an accurate model of the tank and its behavior during collision. This will allow to consider the tank in collision analyses and during design phase respectively.