Identification of Fatigue-Critical Areas in Ship Structures

In Joint Project:
WIPS – Competitiveness by Product Simulation Supported by Information Technology in Shipbuilding

Field of research:
Fatigue Strength; Ship Bulding Design

01.01.2000 – 30.09.2003

Project leader: 
Prof. Dr.-Ing. W. Fricke

Funded by: 
BMBF, Support code 03SX133F

Details in a ship structure which are critical concerning their fatigue behaviour are still very difficult to identify and to analyse. The large number of different details and relevant loadcases leads to high analysis cost, which makes it impractical to analyse the whole structure. It is therefore only possible to analyse selected details.

In order to analyse the fatigue strength of a whole structure a tool is needed which identifies critical details in a structure in a uncomplicated way. This tool should be applicable at an ear-ly design stage.

A new method based on a global finite element model has been developed to automatically identify critical details. Further investigations have been carried out for some special details in order to enable the identification and evaluation of these details with the new developed me-thod.

The method assists the development of an optimized design with respect to its fatigue strength. It is also useful within the controlling and approval process of a given design.

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