Structural Behaviour

We investigate material characteristics of common materials and conduct quasi-static structural and collision and ground contact support, dynamic impact collisions at up to 6.5m / s impact velocity, ice-structure interactions, and tribological investigations.

Uniaxial tensile and compressive tests, notched-bar impact tests as well as 3-point and 4-point bending tests are performed to determine the material characteristics. Our cryogenic chamber also records the low-temperature behavior of materials. A variety of different machines and units are available for carrying out the test.

  • Design of ships and equipment
  • Collision and grounding
  • Production and in-service influences on structural strength


  • Individually adjustable servohydraulic test benches with loads from 25 kN to 1250 kN (max. 4000 kN in combination)
  • Free fall tower up to 6.5 m / s impact velocity
  • Crane capacity up to 12 t
  • Various measurement systems, including load cells, displacement transducers, strain gage measurements, TekScan pressure gauges (500 – 5000 psi), and optical measurement systems (Aramis, laser deformation measurement)



  • Ansys
  • Abaqus

Current Projects

Completed Projects