The institute has a large testing faclility. Feel free to contact us, if you want to perform some tests.

We will update the subpages in the near future with our testing equipement.


Our laboratory is equipped with a number of various test machines and measurement devices.

  • Fast dynamic resonance pulser (frequency ca. 30 Hz) with constant or variable loads of up to 200 kN / 600 kN as well as different stress ratios
  • Uniaxial servo-hydraulic test facilities with individual adjustable loads of 25 kN to 1250 kN
  • Testing under 3- or 4-point bending
  • Cylinders in fixed frames for tensile, bending, shear, and mixed-mode loading
  • Drop tower for impact testing
  • Charpy impact testing equipment
  • Laser sensors for weld geometry measurements etc.