Fatigue of Thermal Cut Edges in Shipbuilding Steel Structures

Project partners:
Institute for Ship Structural Design and Analysis (TU Hamburg), Institute of Joining and Welding (TU Braunschweig)

Project members:
TU Hamburg: Hubertus von SelleJan-Hendrik GrimmMoritz BraunSören Ehlers
TU Braunschweig: Jonas Hensel, Juliana Castro

Funding party:
Stiftung Stahlanwendungsforschung (FKZ AVIF A 319)

01.2021 – 12.2022

Within this project the fatigue strength of thermal cut edges will be investigated. Applications are window and access openings, lightening holes and hatch corner radii in ship structures. First focus is on the cutting technique like gas cutting, laser and plasma cutting. The second focus is on the post processing technique like grinding which is not only from fatigue point of view of interest but also required for a sound coating. Both aspects are not or not fully covered by rules and guidelines. The third focus is on the influence of the yield strength on fatigue. This aspect is not covered by Rules and recommendation like Eurocode and IIW. Only in shipbuilding industries classification societies give a bonus for the use of higher tensile steel. But the data basis for this is rare and very old.

The project outcome will be recommendations to update current rules and guidelines in shipbuilding industries as well as for other industries.