Fatigue damage from dynamic ice action (FATice)

Project members:
Moritz BraunAleksandar-Saša MilakovićFranz von Bock und PolachSören Ehlers

Funding party:
BMWi-Förderprogramm „Maritime Forschungsstrategie 2025“


Project partners:
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
Hamburgische Schiffbau-Versuchsanstalt GmbH (HSVA)
DIMB Engineering
Siemens Gamesa
TÜV Nord

Project description:
FATICE deals with assessment of fatigue damage on fixed offshore structures exposed to drifting sea ice. Fatigue is one of the main challenges for these structures and the present guidelines include large uncertainties that may give very heavy and expensive structures. This has three main reasons: a) Ice conditions are poorly defined; b) Ice loads and structural response are estimated independently; c) The assumption of linear (or independent) damage accumulations found in fatigue estimation. FATICE combines the fields of ice-induced vibrations (IIV) and fatigue assessment to a) Define time-series of load cycles and structural response (occurrence of IIV + coupled ice-structure interaction model); b) Develop a new method to assess fatigue life through variable amplitude loading (VAL). This allows for the first time for the design of reliable and thus cost-efficient fixed offshore structures exposed to drifting sea ice and consequently for recommendations for novel guidelines.