Optimisation of large complex structures considering accidental loads (OPTICS)

Project members:
Shi Song, Hauke Herrnring, Bjarne WiegardMoritz Braun, Sören Ehlers

Field of Research:
Optimization, Accidental Loads, Ultimate Strength

01.06.2019 – 31.5.2022

Funded by:
German Research Foundation

Dimensioning of the structural components of ship and offshore structures and their analysis, is today mostly conducted independently from other disciplines on the basis of an agreed conceptual design. This hinders the identification of true optima, because modifications are always based on the preceding, but not necessarily best, alternative. A better alternative is to identify the optimal design based on safety and operational objectives, whereby the final design depends on the requirements of each discipline leading to a new and currently unknown design. But, this holistic approach requires efficient analysis techniques in all involved disciplines for the fast and repetitive assessment of changes and to identify further optimisation potential. OPTICS concentrates on the development of an efficient approach for the analysis of a structural design where also accidental loads are taken into account. The numerical simulations within this project are accompanied and validated by experiments.