Study on Collision Behaviour of SPS Side Structures

Field of research:
Ship Structural Design; Load Carrying Behaviour;Collision and Grounding

01.01.2004 – 30.06.2006

Project leader: 
Prof. Dr.-Ing. W. Fricke

Funded by:
Industry (Coordinator: Intelligent Engineering, Ottawa) – 4 partners

For a sandwich plate system consisting of steel faceplates and a fully bonded core made from polyurethane (so-called SPS plates), material and failure models have been developed. These are an elastic-plastic material model for the core, a criterion that predicts fracture of the core and a failure model to predict delamination between core and faceplates. Examples are given on how to use these models for FE analysis of sandwich structures subjected to extreme loads.

  • C. Weißenborn: Material and Failure Models for SPS Sandwich Plates Subjected to Extreme Loads. Bericht 643, Schriftenreihe Schiffbau der TU Hamburg-Harburg, Sept. 2008
  • C. Weißenborn, W. Fricke, S. Kennedy: Bond Strength of SPS Panels – Failure Criterion and Finite Element Modelling. Schiffstechnik / Ship Technology Research 55 (2008), pp. 98 – 114