Rational Determination of Fabrication-Related Shrinkage and Deformations

In Joint Project:
WIPS – Competitiveness by Product Simulation Supported by Information Technology in Shipbuilding

Field of research:
Fabrication Effects on Structural Behaviour

01.04.2000 – 30.09.2003

Project leader: 
Prof. Dr.-Ing. W. Fricke

Funded by:
BMBF, Support Code 03SX133B

The effects of residual stresses on welding shrinkages and buckling behaviour of stiffened panels are analysed. After a review of modelling and numerical analysis methods, several investigations were carried out. These included round-robin calculations within the International Institute of Welding and computations of the welding and fairing process at stiffened plates. The major part concerned the analysis of residual stresses and distortions of panels made of normal and fine-levelled plates. The investigation included measurements of residual stresses during the fabrication process with the ultrasonic and borehole method. For a comparison, finite element calculations were performed which allow critical residual stress states to be predicted. In an additional investigation, series of welding tests and measurements of small plate-stiffener specimens were carried out under laboratory conditions, to investigate the influence of material properties, welding parameters and residual stresses on the scattering of the distortion values

  • Fricke, W.; Krohn, A. und Otelea, C.: Rationale Erfassung fertigungsbedingter Schrumpf- und Verformungswerte. Abschlussbericht zum BMBF-Forschungsvorhaben 03SX133B, TU Hamburg-Harburg, Mai 2004.
  • W. Fricke und C. Otelea: Einfluss von Eigenspannungen auf das Verformungsverhalten bei der Fertigung von versteiften Plattenfeldern. Jahrbuch der Schiffbautechnischen Gesellschaft, 97. Band (2003), Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg New York.