Load Carrying Behaviour of Window Structures

Field of Research:
Load Carrying Behaviour, Ship Structural Design

01.11.2010 – 31.10.2012

Project Leader: 
Prof. Dr.-Ing. W. Fricke

Project member: 
Bjarne Wiegard

Funded by:
AiF (coordinated by CMT), FKZ 16475N

In the superstructure or deckhouses of passenger vessels and on yachts several large windows are arranged. So far the load-carrying of windows in ship structures subjected to shear loads has been neglected. With increasing window size the interaction between window and surrounding steel structure becomes more important. Neglecting the window stiffness often leads to a conservative design and errors in calculations of eigenfrequencies.

Another aspect investigated in this project concerns the ultimate strength of window structures under lateral pressure loads. Failure of windows has repeatedly led to danger for ships and persons on board. A sufficient load-carrying capacity of ship windows is necessary in cases of wave impacts as well as in damage condition to avoid progressive flooding. Time to rescue lives is significantly determined by the superstructure’s watertightness.

The objective of this project is to extend the knowledge of structural behaviour of windows on board of ships. Therefore experiments as well as numerical analysis are carried out.


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