Strength Assessment in View of Increasing the Productivity

In Joint Project:
WIPS – Competitiveness by Product Simulation Supported by Information Technology in Shipbuilding

Field of research:
Fatigue Strength

01.04.2000 – 30.09.2003

Project leader: 
Prof. Dr.-Ing. W. Fricke

Funded by:
BMBF, FKZ 03SX133B   

For cost reasons the production does not always adhere to the conventional production sequence. Objective of this investigation was the evaluation of three new structural details:

  • Part assembly by cogging of crossing webs,
  • Integrated bracket in hatch corner,
  • Lashing pots in RoRo-decks.

All three structural details show a tendency of root cracking and fatigue life cannot be determined in the design phase. For the first time a possible solution has been tried out on a bracket. The results show that this solution may be successful. However, further knowledge has to be gained with this solution.

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