Parametrisizing of Construction Standards – Algorithms for Context-Sensitive Design

In Joint Project:
KonSenS – Construction Standards for Ship Structures for Application in CAD Systems

Field of research:
Ship Structural Design, CAD

01.05.2003 – 31.12.2006

Project leader: 
Prof. Dr.-Ing. W. Fricke

Funded by:
BMBF (Projektträger: PTJ), FKZ 03SX163E (4 partners, Coordinator: Blohm + Voss)

Within this research project a prototype of a software was created, which assists and simplifies selection and dimensioning shipbuilding structural details.

The software consists of three parts:

  • Server/Datadase: providing required information, which has been collected in databases (literature, geometrical data, calculation tools, experiences), for all KonSenS-client users.
  • Standalone-client: application software, which offers all developed functions, without being embedded in a CAD-system.
  • Tribon-client: client embedded in Tribon-software (CAD-system), so the decision making process works without an own user interface.

The main work of the Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg was collection and editing of the application-related content of the software. In this case a literature database was provided, and selection criteria for structural details were defined, which are able to consider a steel structure with different requirements and geometries for giving a useful help to the engineer during the design process.

For further assistance of the engineer, special calculation tools were programmed. They are useful for a decision process, when the circumstances are not clearly defined. In addition the TUHH was employed in testing the system. Tested were the principle functionalities of the software and the correctness of the professional content, also the software was optimized during this process.

  • Eylmann, S.; Feltz, O. und Fricke, W. (2007): Untersuchungen zur Entwicklung eines Exper-tensystems zu Konstruktionsstandards für schiffbauliche Strukturen zum Einsatz in CAD-Systemen (KonSenS). Bericht 640, Schriftenreihe Schiffbau, Technische Universität Ham-burg-Harburg.
  • Bronsart, R., Fricke, W., Gimperlein, D., Hansen, G.U., Reigl, R.D., Zimmermann, M., (2006), Konstruktionsstandards für schiffbauliche Strukturen zum Einsatz in CAD Systemen, Statustagung Schifffahrt und Meerestechnik 2006, S. 87-100