The web app is supported in the following browser versions, although we strongly recommend using the latest publicly-released version (i.e. "stable version" or "supported release") of a browser:

  • Google Chrome version 61 and later
  • Mozilla Firefox version 60 ESR and later
  • Opera version 53 and later
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11 and later on Windows 7 (requires Flash Player 11 and later ActiveX® plugin, and must not be in Compatibility View). We do not support Internet Explorer on Windows 10. In all cases, Internet Explorer will be redirected to the legacy web app.
  • Microsoft Edge version 41 and later (Windows OS only).
  • Apple Safari version 11.1 and later (Mac OS X and iOS). Note that Safari version 11 will not work with Pexip Infinity version 15 or earlier.

Infinity Connect web app is not supported on devices running on a Windows Phone OS.

Infinity Connect users can share images and PDFs from any browser. Additionally, users on Chrome and Firefox can share their screen (Chrome requires that users first install a chrome extension).