Powersim is a Windows based computer software package for creating system dynamics models and custom-designed business simulators. For example, you can simulate the effects of intervention into ecological systems and environmental problems; development of alternative scenarios and view their effects over the time are possible. Powersim offers a variety of object types for user input and for presenting simulation results: You can use the array graph (histogram), bar, gauge, multimedia feature, number formatting, scatter graph, slider, time graph, and time table.

User Configuration

Before the first start-up of Powersim there are user-specific settings to be made with My Applications.

Use My Applications to Add Powersim User Environment

Add Powersim creates the Powersim working directory H:\Application Data\Powersim and the Powersin start icons in the start menu:

    start -->  (All) Programs --> Powersim

More information

Contact Person

For further questions: Claudia Thormaehlen, Institut für Wasserressourcen und Wasserversorgung (1-09)