Configuring Thunderbird for your TUHH account

For reasons of stability and security, please make sure that you always use the latest version of Thunderbird! The shown configuration is for Thunderbird 54.

The Setting shown here are for hosts that are not member of our Kerberos Realm. For example hosts at home or self managed hosts at the campus. For hosts that are member of the KERBEROS.TU-HARBURG.DE Realm, e.g. PC's at the student pools or PC's at Institutes that take managed services from the RZ, these settings are wrong!! See here for kerberos settings.

Start creating a new account at Tools->Account Settings->Account Actions->Add Mail Account:

Please replace "Joe Public" with your name, "" with your TUHH mail address and "xyab1234" with your Kerberos username.

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  6. If you already have a lot of messages on the mail server and don't disable Message Synchronization, all messages will be downloaded in background to your computer. This might take a lot of time, disk space and and might be quite expensive if you do it over a mobile phone connection! Take care! Our recommendation: Disable it. If you really need it you can later enable it on a per folder base. pic 6
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  9. Make sure that the outgoing mailserver is properly bound to the TUHH server. This is especially important if you have configured other accounts with other outgoing servers.
  10. In the following change the about:config Value of mail.smtp.useMatchingHostNameServer to true. This will make Thunderbird use the same passwort for sending mails as for receiving if the server name is the same, so you don't need to enter it twice! pic 9
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