Laboratory Capabilities:


  • Identification of origin of light-fields (intended and scattered)
  • Virtualization of devices for more automated failure and design analysis
  • Retrospective comparison of devices according to new standards
  • Manipulation and optimization within optical simulation (e.g. Zemax)
  • Analysis of light reflection and sunlight effects




Technoteam "Luminescence Measuring Camera"


  • Measure bright and illuminated surfaces
  • Luminance distribution in measuring images L(x,y)
  • Color, chromaticity in measuring images
  • Derived lighting parameters such as illuminance E(x,y) & luminous intensity I(x,y)
Lancelot 4000 W Studio lamp (artificial sun)


  • Power: 4000 W, Lumen output: 360 000 lm
  • Maximum beam output Ø 270mm
  • Manual dimming shutter to control output beam size
Hexagon Absolute Arm

  • Portable coordinate measuring arm
  • Measures the object coordinates with respect to the world coordinate system
  • Measures the geometry of physical objects by sensing discrete points on the surface of the object with a probe
Zemax OpticStudio


  • Used to design and for analyzation of both imaging and illumination systems
  • Optimization of a system to meet manufacturing specifications
  • Sequential ray tracing for classical optics design
  • Non-sequential ray tracing for Illumination and analysis of stray light

Ansprechpartner:  Sravan Shelam