mobile2020 - More biking in small and medium sized towns of Central and Eastern Europe by 2020

Laufzeit: 01.05.2011 bis 30.04.2014

Auftraggeber/Finanzierung: EACI - Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation ("Intelligent Energy - Europe (IEE)" Programme)

Bearbeitung: Carsten Gertz (Leitung und Kontakt), Christian Rudolph, Torben Ziel

The overall goal of the project mobile2020 is to enable stakeholders in small and medium sized cities (up to 350,000 inhabitants) in Central and Eastern countries to increase their share of biking as a mode of everyday transport to reach a significant share of cycling by the year 2020. Mobile2020 addresses this need and responds to two objectives of the STEER programme: “to encourage a shift of passengers to less intensive modes of transport…” and “to improve the knowledge of future and current practitioners…”. Good practice examples and guidelines exist already but it is crucial to translate and adjust them to national circumstances and promote them proactively to have a broad reach. It is crucial to inform towns and cities systematically and to overcome the singular “light house approach” in order to support the EU2020-targets and a modal share of 20% region-wide. Creating national working groups on cycling in the target countries will foster a long-term development of cycling and will contribute to keep expertise and exchange on a high level. Mobile2020 will empower municipal planners and decision makers to make the right investments, improve their planning procedures and to trigger a change in people’s mobility behaviour at local level. The project will apply a multiplier approach to carry out the capacity development effectively.