Research project: "AcDiCrackInspect" - Accelerated Digital Crack Inspection
Research area: Aircraft MRO, Non-Destructive-Testing
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Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz
LuFo VI-1
In collaboration with: Lufthansa Technik AG,
Start of the project: October 2020
End of the project: December 2023


As part of the national aviation research program LuFo VI-1, the AcDiCrackInspect project is further developing the inspection of rotationally symmetrical and non-rotationally symmetrical components based on white light interferometry. The main focus of the IFPT is on the development of automatic, adaptive path planning with a hybrid precision sensor handling system.

In the previous project “AutoInspect”, an inspection system was developed for the first time to use white light interferometry in an industrial environment to inspect combustion chamber components. This automated inspection replaces manual inspection using flourescent penetrant inspection and delivers reliable digital and reproducible measurement results. The range of components that can be inspected is limited to rotationally symmetrical components. In the “AcDiCrackInspect” research project, the range of components is now to be expanded to include non-rotationally symmetrical components. In addition, a two-stage approach is intended to reduce the inspection cycle time. These two stages are, on the one hand, an initial inspection with a camera to identify possible defects and, on the other hand, an optimized inspection based on these possible defects using the white light interferometer.



Contact person at the institute: M.Sc. Jessica Ehrbar