Research project: "EpoxySpacePrinter"

Research area: 3D printing, automation
Supported by: Federal Ministry of Economics and
  Technology (LuFoIV-3)
In collaboration with: Carat Robotic Innovation GmbH,

Comprisetec GmbH,

Fraunhofer IFAM

Start of the project: January 2018
End of project: March 2022


The EpoxySpacePrinter project is centred on the robot-guided 3D printing of continuous fiber-reinforced thermoset components. This process allows for the production of individual components with high design flexibility and superior mechanical properties.

The IFPT aims to develop control components for a system that uses two industrial robots to 3D print continuous fiber-reinforced components. The first robot guides the print head, while the second handles the printing plate. The aim is to develop strategies for building fibre-reinforced components and, if necessary, the required cores, taking advantage of the redundancies provided by the two industrial robots used.
 The IFPT is developing slicing methods that generate material deposition paths from the 3D CAD data of the part to be manufactured. These paths contain commands for the control system of the industrial robots and the print head. Moreover, the IFPT also deals with the compensation of machine and process errors.


Contact person on Institute: M.Sc. Zsolt Kallai