Research project:


Hi-Digit Pro 4.0

Research area:   Digitization, assembly tracking, image processing
In collaboration with:   Airbus Operations GmbH, VMT Vision Machine Technic Image Processing GmbH, German Aerospace Center
Association leader:   Airbus Operations GmbH
Start of the project:   November 2018
End of the project:   March 2022


In order to realize cost-efficient, robust high-rate production in the future, the use of virtual processes and the possibilities of digital networking in the sense of Industry 4.0 is essential. In the “Hi-Digit Pro 4.0” project, a corresponding manufacturing and assembly concept is to be developed using high-lift systems as an example. For this purpose, the necessary infrastructure and the overall digital chain are provided to create a virtual platform that includes both manufacturing and assembly. This creates the basis for flexible and sensitive production and assembly that is planned and controlled down to the last detail.



The virtualization of assembly ensures the availability of comprehensive information about resources, processes, specific components and component production. At the same time, data is used and obtained, which is used to actively control the real assembly process. A quick assessment of changing requirements and unforeseen situations is made possible, as is the anticipation and reaction to factors that affect assembly.



Contact person at the institute: Johann Giertecker, M.Sc.