Research project:  

prepAir - Nachhaltige Flugzeugrumpfindustrialisierung

Research area:   Intralogistics, automation, assembly
Funded by:   IFB Hamburg as part of the program "Green Aviation Technologies (GATE)"
In collaboration with:  


Start of the project:   July 2022
End of the project   July 2024


As part of the aviation funding program GATE (Green Aviation Technologies) of the IFB Hamburg, the IFPT is working on the project "prepAir - Nachhaltige Flugzeugrumpfindustrialisierung" researching innovative solutions for aircraft production together with the industrial partner Airbus. The project is divided into two focus areas: “Systems and cabin” and “Logistics”.

The aim of the “Systems and Cabin” focus area is to develop a kit of innovative and validated technology components for the modular design of assembly, testing and installation devices in aircraft production. In the “Logistics” focus area, the use of space and material flow in aircraft production are to be optimized. A concept for a so-called “mobile marketplaces” will be investigated and developed, that enables flexible, quickly adaptable and partially automated material handling in aircraft production intralogistics. The IFPT analyzes current marketplace usage and material flows and develops concepts for automated handling and integration in the production environment through a mobile system for material supply.



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Contact persons at the institute: Johann Gierecker, Philipp Prünte