Research Project: "AutoPro"

Research Area: Automation, Luftfahrt-MRO
Funded by: Hamburgische Behörde für Wirtschaft, 
  Verkehr und Innovation (LuFo HH)
In Collaboration with: Lufthansa Technik
Start of the Project: März 2014
End of the Project: August 2016



The automatic detection of positions on the aircraft is a fundamental prerequisite for the automated execution of MRO tasks on the aircraft. The main objective of the AutoPro 1 project was to develop a positioning system that provides the required location information to automated systems, such as mobile robots, and enables them to carry out their tasks on the aircraft, such as inspections, automatically.

The large dimensions, complex shape and condition-dependent deformation of an aircraft are challenging when it comes to determining precise localisation information on the aircraft structure. Through the development of a multi-stage process that combines global coarse localization with fine localization referencing local aircraft structural elements, these challenges have been overcome, resulting in an efficient and precise positioning system.



Contact at the institute: M.Sc. Constantin Deneke