Research project:


Multifunctional lightweight design for variably configurable monuments

Research area: Interconnected production systems, lightweight construction
Supported by: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
In collaboration with: DIEHL Aviation

Lufthansa Technik AG

Institute for Product Development and Construction Technology (TUHH)

Airbus Operations GmbH (associated partner)

University of Applied Sciences (HAW)


Cabin interiors today are usually made of homogeneous honeycomb sandwich panels. However, reinforced load application points and joints lead to an undesirable increase in weight. In addition, the desire for customizable cabin monuments leads to a constantly growing number of variants, increasing complexity and individual manufacturing processes, which are characterized to a large extent by manual labor. The aim of the TUHH is to develop a new construction method for load-path-optimized, production-oriented and modular aircraft cabin monuments, taking into account the research topics of automation, modular lightweight construction and virtual product development. A particular challenge here is to exploit the potential of connectivity in the sense of Industry 4.0 in the context of worker-centric production.



  Contact person at the institute: Florian Kalscheuer, M. Sc., M. Sc.< /a>