Research project: "AutoMoK"

Research Area: Automation, Aviation MRO
Funded by: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
In collaboration with: IBG Technology GmbH
Start of the project: July 2015
End of the project: November 2017


Aircraft engines are subject to regular maintenance and overhaul intervals. While visual inspections can largely be carried out without dismantling the engines, engine overhaul requires complete disassembly. All components are thoroughly inspected and, if necessary, repaired or replaced with replacement parts before subsequent assembly takes place. In the case of jet engine compressors, for example the high-pressure compressor of a CFM 56, the assembly of 614 blades on nine compressor stages is required.

The goal of the AutoMoK project is the consistent automation of the blading process for engine compressors. In addition to handling the blades, the focus of the project is on selecting suitable blade sets. Due to manufacturing tolerances and operational wear of the blades, they vary in width and weight. In order to meet the manufacturer's specifications for gap dimensions and unbalance, iterative exchange processes are necessary. The approach taken in the project is to carry out a pre-selection of suitable blades based on component-specific information.

Another focus is the handling of the blades. The large variety of component variants places special demands on the gripping technology used. In addition, the blades have a strong tendency to jam during the joining process. This is counteracted by appropriate force control to release jams.

Contact person at the institute: M.Sc. Maik Dammann