Research project:


Research area: Automation technology
Supported by: Federal Ministry of Economics and
  Technology (LuFoIV-4)
In collaboration with: Lufthansa Technik AG,


IBG Technology GmbH,

Trrumpf GmbH + Co. KG,

Fraunhofer ILT

Start of the project: February 2012
End of project: August 2015 


The aim of the AutoRep research project is to develop an automated, adaptive process chain for the repair of combustion chamber components. The project aims to replace the current manual maintenance of these components with robotic MRO processes.

Based on the digitized component data and the automatic detection of defective areas (AutoInspect), automated planning and execution of component repair is to be carried out in future. The process chain was demonstrated as part of the AutoRep project using a combustion chamber component (outer liner) of the CFM56-5B engine type as an example. The IFPT focussed on the development of robot-based processing strategies for repairing the defective areas, the creation of a damage classification and the development and validation of hardware and software interfaces for the transfer of components and associated measurement data between the inspection and processing cells.

This can increase the productivity and capacity of the existing process. It can also improve the repair quality and reduce process and lead times.


Contact person at the institute: Dipl.-Ing. Tobias Kötter, Dipl.-Ing. Wirt.-Ing. Christoph Schwienbacher