Research project: "Cabin 4.0"

Research area: Aviation MRO
Supported by: Federal Ministry of Economics and
  Energy (LuFo V-2)
In collaboration with: Lufthansa Technik
Composite leader: Lufthansa Technik AG
Association partner: Institute for Product Development and Design Technology
Start of the project: July 2016
End of project: June 2019


In the aviation industry, aircraft cabins are regularly replaced. For this purpose, seats, luggage compartments, kitchen elements, etc., are completely removed and replaced. Problems often arise when installing the new elements because the positions of connection points are either not known or do not correspond to the target condition from the OEM aircraft documents due to previous cabin adjustments. This means that the cabin elements often cannot be installed without changing the cabin structure, which leads to a complex rework process. If this process only begins while the aircraft is idle, this can be extended considerably due to unforeseen changes, resulting in high airline costs.


The “Cabin 4.0” project aimed to develop methods of using innovative technologies to record the current state of the cabin and thus be able to plan changes at an early stage. These technologies included mobile devices that are able to capture the environment in 3D and thus create a digital image of the aircraft cabin. So-called “virtual fit checks” were enabled to check the installation space for clashes with the elements to be installed. Given clashes, change suggestions were generated semi-automatically.





Contact person at the institute: M.Sc. Constantin Deneke