Research project: "MiReP"  
Research area: Augmented reality, robot programming, simulation
Supported by: Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (LuFo V-3)
In collaboration with: Icarus Consulting GmbH
Start of the project: September 2018
End of project: August 2021


Due to increasing demands on productivity and quality, automation in aircraft production and maintenance is becoming increasingly important. There are hurdles due to the special requirements of this industry. The approach of the LuFo project MiReP is to reduce the effort involved in planning and commissioning automated processes by bringing virtual offline programming and robot simulation into the real system in real time and interactively using augmented reality. This means that the advantages of simulations are transferred to commissioning on the shop floor. An innovative user interface and 3D visualization of useful additional information help users make adjustments to the robot program intuitively and efficiently.

The consortium consists of the engineering firm Icarus Consulting GmbH based in Lüneburg and the Institute for Aircraft Production Technology at the TU Hamburg (TUHH).



Contact person at the institute: M.Sc. Michael Brand