List of Weinblum Lecturers 1978/79 – 1987/88

1978/79John V. Wehausen, Berkeley, USAtub.dok
Ship Theory, Ship Design and Georg Weinblum. Transient Phenomena
Observed in Passage over Obstructions
1979/80Otto Grim, Hamburg, Germanytub.dok
Propeller und Leitrad als mögliches Antriebsorgan für Schiffe
1980/81Takao Inui, Tokyo, JapanPDF
From Bulbous Bow to Free Surface Shock Wave – Twenty Years Trend of
Researches on Ship Waves at the Tokyo University Tank
1981/82Louis Landweber, Iowa City, USA
Interactions between Viscosity and Ship Waves
1982/83George E. Gadd, Feltham, United Kingdomtub.dok
Some Effects of Scale in Ship Model Testing
1983/84Theodore Y. Wu, Pasadena, USAtub.dok
The Shallow Water Effects – Do Steady Disturbances Always Result in Steady
1984/85Marshall P. Tulin, Santa Barbara, USAtub.dok
Surface Waves from the Ray Point of View
1985/86Fritz J. Ursell, Manchester, United Kingdomtub.dok
Mathematical Observations on the Method of Multipoles
1986/87Som Deo Sharma, Hamburg, Germany
Bemerkungen zum sogenannten Vorgeschichtseinfluß in der Schiffshydrodynamik
1987/88Hajime Maruo, Yokohama, JapanPDF
Evolution of the Theory of Slender Ships