List of Weinblum Lecturers 1988/89 – 1997/98

1988/89John Nicholas Newman, Cambridge, USAPDF
The Numerical Towing Tank – Fact or Fiction?
1989/90Karl Wieghard, Hamburg, Germany
Ein Merkmal der dreidimensionalen freien Turbulenz
1990/91Ernest Oliver Tuck, Adelaide, Australia
Ship-hydrodynamic free-surface problems without waves
1991/92John Pershing Breslin, Hoboken, USA
Induced Effects of Propeller Inflows
1992/93Odd Magnus Faltinsen, Trondheim, Norway
On Seakeeping of Conventional and High-Speed Vessels
1993/94Masatoshi Bessho, Tokyo, Japantub.dok
A Consistent Linearized Theory of Wavemaking Resistance of Ships
1994/95Touvia Miloh, Tel Aviv, IsraelPDF
Ship Motion in Non-Homogeneous Media
1995/96Lars Larsson, Göteborg, SwedenPDF
CFD in Ship Design – Prospects and Limitations
1996/97Justin E. Kerwin, Cambridge, USA
Experience in Modelling and Computing Flows with Lift
1997/98Heinrich Söding, Hamburg, Germany
Strömungsberechnungen an der Grenze der Potentialtheorie