Ernest Oliver Tuck

* 01.06.1939 in Adelaide, Australia; † 11.03.2009 in Adelaide, Australia

13th Georg Weinblum Weinblum Lecture (1990/91)

Ship-hydrodynamic free-surface problems without waves

Short Biography

Ernest O. Tuck was born in 1939 in Adelaide, Australia, where he studied applied mathematics. In 1963, he received his PhD at Cambridge University with a study on the slender body theory. He later followed his doctoral adviser, Fritz J. Ursell, to the University of Manchester.

He worked from 1963 to 1966 at the David Taylor Model Basin in Washington for the famous Code-584-group with such famous colleagues as Monacella, Newman and Ogilvie. Ernest O. Tuck focused on the topic of ship hydrodynamics and wrote several publications on the ship motions in waves, shallow water flows and non-linear wave theory.

He continued his work in 1966 at the California Institute of Technology with Theodore Y. Wu, where he broadened his field of research to include problems of biomechanics and viscous flows. In 1968, Ernest O. Tuck became professor at the University of Adelaide and developed a large network in the hydrodynamic field, supported by numerous visits to conferences, a membership in the H5-Panel of SNAME and several appearances as a visiting professor at universities in the US.

He was author and co-author of more than 100 publications concerning sailing aerodynamics, foils, water-jet propulsion and lifting-surface-theory. In the wide field of research, he also published on general phenomena in hydrodynamics like near-wall layer flows, lubrication, acoustics, coatings, capillary and viscous flows, the gamble theory and the chaos theory.

Ernest O. Tuck died in 2009 at the age of 69 in Adelaide, Australia.

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[The short biography is taken from the invitation letter for the Weinblum Memorial Lecture held by Ernest O. Tuck. Some slight modifications have been made when deemed necessary.]