List of Weinblum Lecturers 1998/99 – 2007/08

1998/99Aad J. Hermans, Delft, The NetherlandsPDF
The Role of Applied Mathematics in Hydrodynamics for Ships and Floating
Offshore Structures
1999/00Bernard Molin, Marseille, France
Numerical and Physical Wavetanks Making them Fit
2000/01Francis Noblesse, Bethesda, USA
Analytical Representation of Ship Waves
2001/02Hideaki Miyata, Tokyo, JapanPDF
Toward Virtual Reality by Computational Physics
2002/03Ronald W. Yeung, Berkeley, USA
Modelling Viscosity Effects in Surface-Wave Problems
2003/04Maurizio Landrini, Rome, Italy
Highly Nonlinear Phenomena in Ship Hydrodynamics
2004/05Makoto Ohkusu, Yokosuka, Japan
Hydrodynamics of Wave-Body Interaction Based on the Observation of
Diffraction and Radiation Wave Pattern
2005/06Rodney Eatock Taylor, Oxford, United KingdomPDF
On Modelling the Diffraction of Water Waves
2006/07Günther F. Clauss, Berlin, GermanyPDF
The Taming of the Shrew – Tailoring Freak Wave Sequences for Seakeeping Tests
2007/08Michel Visonneau, Nantes, France
Recent Developments and Perspectives of Computational Fluid Dynamics
for Hydrodynamic Applications