Maurizio Landrini

* 23.09.1913 in Foligno, Perugia, Italy; † 26.06.2003

26th Georg Weinblum Memorial Lecture (2003/04)

Highly Nonlinear Phenomena in Ship Hydrodynamics
Strongly Nonlinear Phenomena in Ship Hydrodynamics, Journal of Ship Research, vol. 50, no. 2, June 2006, pp. 99–119

Short Biography

Maurizio Landrini was born in 1963 in Foligno (Perugia, Italy). He graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Rome "Sapienza" in 1990 (summa cum laude, receiving for his thesis a one-year research grant of the Italian Aerospace Research CIRA). In 1994, he got his PhD in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, granted by the same university.

Since 1992, he worked at the Italian Ship Model Basin INSEAN in Rome, at the beginning with a two-years grant, later as permanent researcher. He was head of the seakeeping and maneuvering group from 1997 and became head of the towing tank facilities at INSEAN in 2002.

His work is very extensive and wide: Seakeeping and maneuvering, non-linear wave-propagation theory and effects at the free surface, interaction between vortices and surfaces, and fluid-structure interaction.

He worked with many famous ship hydrodynamicists all around the world and published with them. In 1996/97, Landrini was a visiting researcher at the University of California Santa Barbara, 1997/98 at the Norwegian Technical University in Trondheim, 1999–2002 was in Santa Barbara again with a program about breaking waves and bubbly flows.

He worked in many international research programs and in ITTC and ISSC commitees. His high reputation led to his nomination as Georg Weinblum Memorial Lecturer. He died in a tragic motorcycle accident in June 2003, before he could give his talk. His colleague and friend Emilio F. Campana presented his research in his place.

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