List of Weinblum Lecturers 2008/09 – 2017/18

2008/09Robert F. Beck, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Seakeeping Computations in the Time Domain
2009/10Alexander A. Korobkin, Novosibirsk, Russia
Mathematics of Slamming
2010/11Paul D. Sclavounos, Cambridge, USA
Floating Wind Turbines
2011/12Masashi Kashiwagi, Osaka, JapanPDF
Hydrodynamic Study on Added Resistance Using Unsteady Wave Analysis
2012/13Frederick Stern, Iowa, USAPDF
Computational Ship Hydrodynamics: Opportunities and Challenges
2013/14Emilio F. Campana, Rome, Italy
Ship design under uncertainty via high-fidelity stochastic optimization
2014/15Jørgen J. Jensen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Conditional processes applied to wave load predictions
2015/16Dick K. P. Yue, Cambridge, USA
Forty years of calculating water waves and their interactions with bodies
2016/17Kostas J. Spyrou, Athens, Greece
Homoclinic phenomena in ship motions
2017/18Takanori Hino, Yokohama, Japan
Development of CFD Methods for Industrial Ship Flow Applications