Marshall P. Tulin

* 14.03.1926; † 31.08.2019, USA

7th Georg Weinblum Memorial Lecture (1984/85)

Surface Waves from the Ray Point of View

Short Biography

After studying aeronautics and applied mathematics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Brown University, Marshall P. Tulin was an aeronautical research scientist at NACA-Langley (now NASA), from 1946 to 1950, before he came to the David Taylor Model Basin, 1950–54. Thereafter, at the Office of Naval Research, 1954–59, he developed a basic research program in Naval Hydrodynamics and also shared major responsibility for creating in 1956 the famous series of Symposia on Naval Hydrodynamics. In 1959, he co-founded Hydronautics Inc., where he served as Technical Director and Chief Scientist until 1982. Later, he became Presidential Professor of Ocean Engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Internationally, he was best known for his work on supercavitation ranging from the mathematical theory to the engineering design of highly powered propellers, his contributions in the field of non-linear bow wave effects including breaking, and his research on polymer flow additives for drag reduction. He held half a dozen patents on various subjects.

Marshall P. Tulin was member or chairman of several important boards and committees. In 1979, he was elected a memeber of the US National Academy of Engineering.

Marshall P. Tulin died in 2019.

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[The short biography is taken from invitation letter for the Weinblum Memorial Lecture held by Marshall P. Tulin. Some slight modifications have been made when deemed necessary.]