The institute offers a modern, committed and high quality range of course in the field of process systems engineering and process technology in order to train students optimally for their future work in the chemical industry and related fields. The offered modules are coordinated with each other in a goal-oriented manner. In the two compulsory courses of the B.Sc. and M.Sc. programs Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering Process and Plant Engineering (PAT) I & II, the fundamentals of process development, modeling, simulation and process control are covered, thus laying the foundation for subsequent in-depth courses in the area of process simulation and optimization. The computer-aided design of chemical processes is taught in the CAPE module by means of practical work with an industrially established flowsheet simulator, which is combined with a lecture on methods of process safety that is offered in collaboration with lecturers from several industrial partners. The course Applied optimization in energy and process engineering (A-OPT) further teaches the fundamental mathematical, modeling and computational concepts of optimization, and deals with a variety of practical problems from the field of energy and process engineering. The included exercise further provides an introduction and illustration of these concepots in modern computational tools using Matlab and GAMS. Further specialisation in process design and intensification is offered in the modules Hybrid Processes in Process Engineering (HPVT) and Synthesis and Design of Industrial Plants (SAiA). While HPVT presents the essential forms of integrated and hybrid reaction and separation processes in the lecture and deepens them practically by means of a project-based teaching component, SAiA offers the participants the opportunity to design a complete process independently with the help of modern flowsheet simulators and other tools, to evaluate it from a safety and economic point of view and to document the results in a professional way.

Further information on the courses can be found in the module overview and the module descriptions linked there.