Experimental facilities

Membrane distillation plantPlant for desalination of (sea) water by means of membrane distillation in direct contact or permeate gap operation.

Capacity: ~ 1 m³ distillate per day
max. temperature: 90°C
max. pressure loss at the module: 0,9 bar
heating capacity: 12 kW
Circular fixed-bed reactorPlant suitable for enzymatic fixed-bed catalysis (esterification, hydrolysis) with single-phase reactor flow

Max. reference quantity: 5000 mL
Max. reaction temperature: 70 °C
Reactor length: 82 to 280 mm
Max. reactor throughput: 1000 mL/min
Max. centrifuge throughput: 8000 mL/min
Cascade reactor with extractive centrifugeMultienzymatic reaction cascades in multiphase systems with extractive centrifugation for reaction-integrated intermediate extraction.

Max. reaction temperature: 70 °C
Length fixed bed reactor: 82 to 280 mm
Max. reactor throughput: 1000 mL/min
Max. centrifuge speed: 6000 rpm
Max. centrifuge throughput: 2000 mL/min
Milli-plate reactor

VPilot plant for the characterisation of the ART plate reactor of Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik BTS
Four different millisection plates for continuous production processes with different throughputs

Length of the process channel: 3 m per panel
Process channel volume: 3.5 mL to 47.7 mL
Typical volume flows: 15 g/min to 100 g/min
Measurement technology:
Per plate 8 thermocouples in the process channel, pressure and mass flow meter, optional conductivity measurement

Pressure loss measuring standPilot plant for measuring the dry and sprinkled pressure drop of column internals.

Inner diameter: 54mm
Packing bed height: max. 1m
Gas load (F-factor): 2.5 √Pa
Liquid loading: 80 √(m^3/(m^2 h))
Measuring accuracy: 0,1mbar
Reactive dividing wall columnPartition wall column for conventional and reactive continuous research

Plant characteristics:
plant height: 11m
Diameter:  DN 65/50
Pressure range: 10 to 1000 mbar
Sump temperature: up to approx. 170°C
Supply flows: max. 6 and 10 kg/h
Heat output: up to 4 kW

Plant installations:
Packings in the separation area: Montz B1-500
Packings in the reactive area: Sulzer Katapak-SP laboratory

Measurement technology:
Process control system: WinErs (engineering office Dr.-Ing. Schoop)

Temperature measuring points: 33
Mass flow measuring points: 6
Liquid measuring points:2
Pressure measuring points:3
Differential pressure measuring points:2
Packed column DN 60Plant for the preparation of product samples in the
Kilogram range.

Package: 2 x 750 mm Sulzer CY
Pressure range: < 1 mbar to 350 mbar
max. sump temperature: ~ 250°C
max. feed volume: ~ 3000 ml
Miniature distillation systemPlant for the purification of very small samples

Package: ~ 400 mm Montz A3-1900
Pressure range: < 1 mbar to ambient pressure
max. sump temperature: 250°C
max. feed volume: 150 ml 
Rotary evaporator
(Büchi Rotavapor R-215)
Plant for gentle distillation of e.g. natural substances or solvent recovery.

Sump temperature: up to 180°C
Feed volume: 50 - 4000 mL possible
Pressure range: approx. 11mbar to ambient pressure
High Pressure Reactor
Facility for carrying out experiments at elevated pressure and temperature on a millilitre scale.

max. temperature: 350°C
max. pressure: 200 bar
Reactor volume: 300 ml   
Material: T316
(Carl Padberg Zentrifugenbau GmbH, Z41)
Centrifuge for the continuous separation of organic and aqueous phases

Nominal capacity of the rotor: 2L
Permissible filling quantity: 4kg
Speed: 20.000 min-1