The Institute of Process Systems Engineering works on industrially relevant topics within the framework of publicly funded research projects in close cooperation with various partner companies as well as in the form of direct industrial research in cooperation with TUTECH. If you are interested in a cooperation, please contact the head of the institute.

Our focus is on the systematic optimization of entire production processes as well as the efficient generation and evaluation of process alternatives.

This includes the detection of bottlenecks and the development of a secure basis for investment decisions based on process engineering process analyses. Furthermore, the optimal use of resources, apparatus and personnel as well as the reduction of energy consumption and operating costs by means of integral process analyses are at the centre of our activities.

The main objective of all activities is to reduce manufacturing costs and minimize environmental pollution.

For the corresponding investigations the institute develops, plans, implements and operates appropriate experimental facilities and uses and extends the existing software solutions based on the extensive experience in the field of modelling, simulation and optimisation in order to develop optimal solutions for the individual tasks in close cooperation and coordination with the industrial partners.