About us

The Institute of Process Systems Engineering is part of the Department of Process and Chemical Engineering and is involved in the education of future graduates of the study programs Process Engineering (B.SC. & M.Sc.) and Biochemical Engineering (B.Sc. & M.Sc.), the B.Sc. program General Engineering (with specialization in Process Engineering or Biochemical Engineering), and the international M.Sc. Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering. In research and teaching, the institute is positioned at the interface between experimental analysis, mathematical modeling and applied optimization. In this sense, education and research in an interdisciplinary context are essential core competences to work successfully and efficiently.

In teaching, the aim is to provide students with a modern, committed and high quality offer in the field of process and process systems engineering in order to train them optimally for later employment in the chemical industry and related fields.

Within the scope of our research activities, three working groups develop novel concepts and methods for process synthesis and optimization of intensive processes in the field of process engineering and bioprocess engineering. The focus here is on integrated reaction and separation processes, as well as energy-integrated and hybrid separation processes. The aim of the methodological work is to make the development processes more resource and time efficient and to enable a targeted evaluation and optimization of competing process concepts, so that future processes offer maximum sustainability and safety at minimum cost.

The aim of the institute is to establish itself as a preferred partner for industrial and academic cooperation in the field of systematic process intensification and to convince through innovative and qualified research activities. To this end, we are working on fundamental developments in the field of innovative process concepts, as well as the development of systematic methods for process evaluation and optimization, as well as application-oriented research work, in order to validate and establish methodological contributions and process concepts on relevant systems in the context of industrial collaboration projects.