Administration   Phone Room
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mirko Skiborowski Head of the Institute for Process Systems Engineering 3041 C 3.002
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Fieg Former head of the Institute for Process and Plant Engineering 6111 C 1.003
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Waluga Senior Engineer 3141 C 2.006
Secretariat   Phone Room
Kathrin Kauschka Secretary 3241 C3.003
Technical staff   Phone Room
Dipl.-Ing. Holger Fitschen System Administrator 2415 C2.007
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Lukas Kulka Research Engineer 2077 C2.002
Timo Duske Apprentice 6154 C2.007
Research assistants   Phone Room
Momme Adami, M.Sc. PhD-student 4582 C2.003
Alina Dobschall, M.Sc. PhD-student 4518 C2.004
Marius Fiedler, M.Sc. PhD-student 2004 C2.005
Anna Sophia Horsch, M.Sc. PhD-student 2080 C2.008
Siv Kinau, M.Sc. PhD-student 2078 C2.008
Dr.-Ing. Kai Kruber PostDoc 3148 C2.008
Francesca Meyer, M.Sc. PhD-student 6112 C2.005
Lucas Schaare, M.Sc. PhD-student 6113 C2.003
Christian Tewinkel, M.Sc. PhD-student 3241 C2.008
External doctoral researcher      
Pranav Majgaonkar, M.Sc.   3241  
Thulasi Rolland, M.Sc.   3241  
Yvonne Thiermeyer, M.Sc.   3241  

Assoziierte Mitglieder

Assoziierte Mitglieder Firma Bezug
Dipl.-Ing. Timo Bohnenstädt Olin Corporation Doktorand (Endbearbeitung)
Laura-Selin Harding, M.Sc. Evonik Industries Doktorandin (Endbearbeitung)
Dipl.-Ing. Johanna Kleeberg DOW Chemical Doktorandin (Endbearbeitung)
Bettina Kruber, M.Sc. H&R Doktorandin (Endbearbeitung)
Andreas Lange, M.Sc. Evonik Industries Doktrand (Endbearbeitung)
Johannes Lawen, M.Sc. Doktorand (Endbearbeitung)
Timo Ranke, M.Sc. DOW Chemical Doktorand (Endbearbeitung)
Alexander Rave, M.Sc. Albemarle Germany GmbH Doktorand (Endbearbeitung)
María Angelina Vargas Gómez, M.Sc. Evonik Industries Doktorandin (Endbearbeitung)

external Guest Lectures

  Guest lecturers Company Lecture  
  Dr.-Ing. M. Ajmal FLUOR GmbH Methoden der Prozesssicherheit und Gefahrstoffe  
  Verschiedene Mitarbeitende Dow und Olin Methoden der Prozesssicherheit und Gefahrstoffe  


Students Activity Title
Rishabh Bothra Students work/Tutor      
Kavindra Asokan Indira Students work      
Anjali Kabra Master thesis/Tutor Optimization-based design of liquid-liquid extraction processes considering fluid dynamics    
Elvis Michaelis Master thesis      
Dennis Espert Students work      
Artem Gomberg Master thesis      
Nils Dürkop Master thesis      
Julian Mencel Students work
Muhammad Affan Qamar Master thesis      
Kirti Gupta Project work Recovery of low-molecular weight organic catalysts using organic solvent nanofiltration    
Bhargavi Parthasarathy Project work      
Philipp Weiderer Master thesis Analysis of the process behaviour of thermally coupled distillation columns without vapour transfer via simulation and experiments at a pilot plant    
Tjark Thedens Project work Modeling and simulation of heat pump assisted distillation with bottoms flashing    
Sanjo Simon Jain Project work Research and evaluation of the influence of pressure drop in difficult separations in the vacuum range    
Patrick Sontheimer Master thesis Data-driven surrogate modeling for nonlinear predictive control of a reactive dividing wall column    
Vashisht Ravinshankar Master thesis