to the website of the Institute of Process Systems Engineering at the Hamburg University of Technology, which emerged in 2020 from the Institute of Process and Plant Engineering, founded in 1985.

Our website offers you an overview of our institute as well as our activities in research and teaching and provides you with a wide range of information.

The goal of the research activities of the institute of Process Systems Engineering is the development and optimization of individual process steps and aggregated process flowsheets, based on a holistic view of available data, derived mathematical models and the algorithms used for analysis and optimization. In cooperation with industrial and academic partners, we investigate and develop innovative process concepts with a focus on reactive and hybrid processes in the field of fluid process engineering, taking into account innovative methods of energy integration. Our research activities pursue the goal to develop resource-, energy- and cost efficient processes for a sustainable production in the chemical and biochemical industry. While a major focus is on the development of model-based tools for process analysis and optimization-based process design, using modern computing technology, the institute also offers a wide range of experimental expertise and equipment from laboratory to pilot plant.  

Process modelling, simulation and optimization are essential elements of research and teaching in the field of process systems engineering. These are essential in the context of the currently pursued digitalization and highly relevant for industrial practice.

On behalf of all members of our institute, I invite you to explore our website and contact us if you are interested.

With kind regards,

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mirko Skiborowski