Applied optimization in energy and process engineering

The module "Applied Optimization in Energy and Process Engineering" consists of the following courses:

  • Applied optimization in energy and process engineering (IL - 2 SWS)
  • Applied optimization in energy and process engineering (GE - 2 SWS)

Which experiments are most informative?

Which operating conditions enable the highest yield in the reactor?

What products should we produce in the next three weeks and in what order to maximize our production and serve all customer requestsc?

Which power plants and storage facilities need to be expanded to cover the energy demand?

All these questions lead to optimization problems, which can be formulated and solved in different ways depending on the respective models. In everyday life we already regularly make use of such optimization problems, e.g. when planning a route on a cell phone or in a car, or when planning a trip for vacation.

The lecture teaches the basics of mathematical optimization and discusses the main classes of optimization problems and possible solution methods together with practical examples. In addition to the essential methods of gradient-based optimization, gradient-free optimization methods are also discussed and more advanced topics such as multiobjective optimization and optimization under uncertainty are discussed.

In the group exercise, the contents of the lecture are deepened by means of practical examples and various problem formulations and solution approaches are discussed in the form of examples in MATLAB and GAMS. The exercise therefore takes the form of a computer exercise in which first an introduction to MATLAB and GAMS is given and then successive problems from the different problem classes are solved and discussed in the respective programs. The focus is on the discussion of given models and the respective results. By evaluating and modifying the models, the acquired knowledge will be deepened. No advanced knowledge of the programs is assumed.

 The examination takes the form of an oral exam.

The module is offered in the following study programs and specializations:

  • Verfahrenstechnik (M.Sc.) - Allgemeine und Chemische Verfahrenstechnik
  • Bioverfahrenstechnik (M.Sc.) - Allgemeine Bioverfahrenstechnik
  • Chemical and Bioprocessengineering (M.Sc.) - all specializations
  • Theoretischer Machinenbau (M.Sc.) - Energietechnik
  • Regenerative Energien (M.Sc.) - Bioenergiesysteme und Windenergiesysteme
  • Energietechnik (M.Sc.) - Energiesysteme
  • Environmental Engineering (M.Sc.) - Energy and Ressources

StudIP Applied optimization in energy and process engineering (summer term 2024)