Synthesis and design of industrial plants

The module "Synthesis and design of industrial plants" consists of the following courses

  • Synthesis and design of industrial plants (VL - 1 SWS)
  • Synthesis and design of industrial plants (PBL - 3 SWS)

Note: Basic knowledge on flowsheet simulation software (as e.g. provided in CAPE) is considered as prerequisite.

The lecture Synthesis and Design of Industrial Plants provides (as 2 SWS in the first half of the lecture period) an introduction to the general problem of plant design as well as an introduction to cost accounting for investments and operating costs of industrial plants.

Within the framework of project- or problem-based learning, the students design an industrial plant on their own. This includes the balancing and dimensioning of the plant using a flow chart simulation. Based on this, the investment and operating costs of the plant are calculated. Furthermore, a hazard analysis (HAZOP and LOPA) is carried out for selected plant components.

The examination is based on a written report and a presentation followed by a discussion.

The module is offered in the following study programs:

  • Verfahrenstechnik (M.Sc.) - Specialization: General process engineering, chemical process engineering
  • Bioverfahrenstechnik (M.Sc.) - Specialization: General Bioprocess Engineering
  • Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering - All specializations

Module description

StudIP Synthesis and design of industrial plants (winter term 22/23)