CAPE - Computer Aided Process Engineering

The module CAPE consists of two courses

  • CAPE incl. computer exercise (3 SWS)
  • Process safety methods and hazardous substances (2 SWS)

The course "CAPE incl. computer exercise" covers the basics of process simulation using the flowsheet simulation software Aspen Plus and Aspen Custom Modeler and provides practical training by means of computer exercises. Flowsheet simulations are established as a standard tool in the chemical industry for designing new plants and examining existing plants with regard to improvement potential and the elimination of bottlenecks. They thus serve as an essential tool for the analysis and improvement of existing processes and the strategic planning of new production plants.

In addition to the energetic and economic evaluation of a process, which is enabled by the flowsheet simulation in CAPE, the consideration of potential hazards and their avoidance in the planning of new and the evaluation of existing plants is also of essential importance. The course "Methods of Process Safety and Hazardous Substances", offered in collaboration with several lecturers from industrial partners (Bayer, Dow, Olin), teaches the basics of toxicology and hazardous substances, as well as methods of safety engineering (such as HAZOP and LOPA) to enable a safety-related consideration of a process.

The examination is a theoretical and practical exam in the form of a homework assignment accompanying the lecture, for which a report is submitted, and a written exam.

The module is offered for the study programs

  • Verfahrenstechnik (M.Sc.) - all specializations
  • Bioverfahrenstechnik (M.Sc.) - all specializations
  • Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering (M.Sc.) - all specializations

Module description

Stud.IP CAPE incl. computer exercise (summer term 2024)

Stud.IP Methods of Process Safety and Dangerous Substances (summer term 2024)