Process and Plant Engineering II

The module "Process and Plant Engineering II" consists of the following courses:

  • Process and plant engineering II (VL - 2 SWS)
  • Process and plant engineering II (Ü - 2 SWS)

The lecture and the exercise are developed in a flipped classroom concept, which is explained in the context of the first lecture. The lectures and exercises are prepared accordingly in the form of digital learning units in ILIAS for preparation. The classroom sessions are then used to discuss and deepen the knowledge.

Building on the fundamentals of process development from the PAT I course, the lecture deals with essential elements of process modeling, simulation and control. In this context, the course is thematically linked to the contents of PAT I, in which the fundamentals of conceptual process design are taught.

In the course of the exercise, the contents of the lecture will be discussed on the basis of suitable examples and will be demonstrated as concrete calculation examples. The students have the possibility to calculate the exercise independently on the basis of the digital teaching materials accompanied by the tutor.

The examination takes place as a written exam.

Das Modul wird in folgenden Studiengängen angeboten:

  • Verfahrenstechnik (M.Sc.) - Compulsory
  • Bioverfahrenstechnik (M.Sc.) - Compulsory
  • Internationales Wirtschaftsingenieruswesen (M.Sc.) - Specialization II. Verfahrenstechnik und Biotechnologie

Module description

StudIP Process and Plant Engineering II (winter term 22/23)