Workshop "Multiaxiales Testen" am IFT in Braunschweig



+++ Call for Abstracts: Symposium on Lightweight Design in Product Development 2018 (LWD-PD)Symposium on Lightweight Design in Product Development 2018 (LWD-PD) +++

We call for submission of oral and poster contributions from PhD-students working at universities and research institutions in the field of lightweight systems and related fabrication technologies. The symposium Lightweight Design in Product Development (LWD-PD)  will be held at ETH Zurich on June 13th to 15th 2018.

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+++ 5th International Summer School "Product Architecture Design - PAD 2018" +++

This year´s international summer school on PAD will take place from 4-8 June at Aalto University, Finland. It´s objective is bringing together international young scientists and post-graduate students, who are currently doing research in the field of product architectures. For more information about previous summer schools as well as scheduling and application for this year´s PAD, please follow the link.