Research project: KlioWaLH2: Climate-optimized maintenance processes for LH2 systems
Research area: LH2, maintenance processes
In coopera6on with:

Lufthansa Technik AG

Institut für Flugzeug-Systemtechnik der Technischen Universität Hamburg

DLR Institut für Instandhaltung und Modifikation

DLR Institut für Systemarchitekturen in der Luftfahrt

Start of the project: June 2023
Ende des Projekts: May 2026
Contact person at the ins6tute: Jil Eltgen, M.Sc.



As part of the joint project KlioWaLH2, the IFPT is planning to set up a digital twin of the
Hydrogen Aviation Lab's LH2 system and MRO technology in cooperation with the joint partners. In a suitable simulation environment, time-dependent simulations of the LH2 system behavior should be possible.

In particular, the aim is to integrate an illustration of service life and degradation effects on the LH2 components into the digital twin in order to be able to make statements about necessary MRO measures for real components. With the virtual integration of the MRO hardware into the digital twin, optimal sensor concepts can also be developed.The digital twin of the Aviation Lab, which was ultimately validated using real operating data, and the life cycle simulations carried out with it represent a necessary addition to the development work on the real object in order to effectively support the development of a climate-optimized LH2 overall maintenance plan.

The TUHH is also significantly involved in the development of integration concepts for sensor and MRO systems for LH2 systems in aviation applications. In addition to the modeling of LH2-MRO processes and the development of associated concepts for data acquisi6on, the IFPT is involved in the real demonstration of selected concepts in the Hydrogen Aviation Lab, which can be seen in the pictures.

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